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Hydrographics Service

Custom Paint And Hydrographics Specialists

Here at DM Spraying Services Ltd our speciality is Hydroprinting. Hydroprinting is an interesting process that takes the usual vehicle or pary respray and turns it into something altogether more eye catching. Why get a simple paint job when you can choose to have detailed graphics incorporated into your project and most often having your own choice of colour beneath? We havea large range of designs to choose from, meaning we can almost certainly get the look you require. Should you want to, we can also get creative and use two or more patterns together along with multiple colours to make something that really is a one of a kind project.

Hydrographic printing is known by a few different names. It is known as water transfer printing, hydrodipping, hydroprinting, cubic printing and fluid imaging just to name a few. This unique printing technology uses a water-soluble PVA based film which holds a special ink, which can be transfered onto other surfaces using a chemical activator such as Hydro Design. The base of the film melts in the water, leaving the ink sat on a gloopy surface ready to apply to your item. The ink adheres to any item dipped into it, after applying a chemical activator, in order to transfer the graphic to your piece. Hydroprinting is an amazing method of applying patterns to a huge selection of items.

The Steps We Take

Below is a basic overview of the Hydroprinting process. Here are the main steps we take when working on your items:


Item preparation. In this step we will usually sand down your item to create as flat a surface as possible and remove any damage. Additional preperation such as applying plastic primer will be done at this stage also.


Primer application. In this step we apply automotive high build primer to create an even better surface for both adhesion and flatness.


Painting. In this step we apply the base colour of your choice. Many films have transparency in them which allows the basecoat to show through.


Pattern application. This is where the magic happens and we carry out the hydrographics printing process to your item.


Lacquer application. For this step we use high grade automotive lacquer to seal the paint and the pattern in.


Polishing. The final step is to polish your item to a high standard ready for returning to you.